Cozzoni, one of the top package and houseware designers and producers of Turkey and Europe, has been pulling out all the stops for more than 20 years. Designing and producing new generation packages, covering them through IML technology, personalizing with package and reflecting its inner quality, Cozzoni leads its sector by growing day by day.

Cozzoni, having started its production in Istanbul, has positioned its production area with world class capacity and today it is largest plant solely dedicated to IML products in Turkey. It has been offering service through its projects and products bringing multinational brands in reward by exporting to both Turkey and more than 80 countries in the world, within its facilities with indoor area of 19.000 m2, equipped with environmentally friendly technologies.

Growing rapidly with its dynamic and flexible structure, Cozzoni works with experts in their subject with the purpose of producing high quality products, ensuring hygiene conditions, offering the best service, delivering products in due time and proposing competitive prices.

Cozzoni, having received many quality certificates, has been reflecting its perfect service mentality to its customers through its superior quality standards. Cozzoni, reaching millions of people in Turkey and in the world with safe, innovative and environmental products, aims at reflecting products outstandingly through sustainable business models in its sector.